The Advertising Operating System

The World's First Advertising Marketplace


You can expect a lot.

Eliminate fraud and waste.

Buyers find out which 50% of their ad budget is wasted, then put it to work.

Earn More.

Sellers automate finding top buyers, and maximize their ad revenue.

Sell more apps.

Developers reach more marketers, and help deliver valuable applications into the ecosystem.

Sell more services.

Providers reach more marketers, and help deliver valuable products into the marketplace.

Integrate and Automate.

Users integrate their marketing services into one dashboard, then automate their activities.

The Story

Why the world’s first advertising marketplace was built

The industry is growing fast

150 Years of modern advertising

570 Billion dollars annual revenue

28% is digital, and growing fast

$75 Billion per year lost from Ad Fraud and Ad Waste

  1. 38% of banner clicks are accidental
  2. 61.5% of Internet traffic is non-human
  3. 77% of display ads are never seen

This is actually good news too, because it’s a huge opportunity for those that buy and sell intelligently.


1. ”Measuring the Fat Fingers Problem”
2. “Report: Bot traffic is up to 61.5% of all website traffic”
3. ”77% of Display Ads are Never Seen: Sticky”

Most of the fraud is intentional

The global online advertising industry is worth 155 billion dollars annually (in 2015), and growing fast. However, the real potential value is multiples greater, but as yet unrealized due to inefficient mechanics within current ad platform technologies. These inefficiencies exist both intentionally and unintentionally.

Digital advertising is dominated by huge advertising companies that are household names, and then hundreds of smaller ad exchanges and networks that operate around them. All use a very similiar and ineffective technology.

For advertisers, the problem is that half their money is wasted. There are two main reasons for this: ad fraud and ad waste. 50% – which is a conservative estimate – means more than 75 billion dollars is wasted annually.

How could this possibly still be true in 2015? With all the technology and information available, it doesn’t seem possible. However, it is true, and the reason is simple.  

See “The Cause” (above) to find out.

No Transparency

The root cause is the total lack of transparency in the buying and selling of ad units online.

Agencies and networks hide most of the data, forcing advertisers and publishers to largely guess with their buying and selling, causing significant ad waste (which is very profitable for them). And as a side-effect, this lack of transparency massively increases the space where fraudsters and scammers hide and operate, multiplying ad fraud substantially.

There is no direct communication between advertisers and publishers. The majority of ads are placed via brokers or blind exchanges. The online advertising industry – specifically the platform providers – have an interest in keeping it that way: the less advertisers know about the publishers, the better.

Why? We’ll tell you.  Click “Cause Stats” (above) to learn more.

The proof of fraud is massive and undeniable

  1. 36% of all ad traffic is considered fake…
  2. 57% of video ads are never seen….
  3. 77% of display ads are never seen….
  4. 38% of clicks on online banner ads are accidental…
  5. 8% of internet users account for 85% of all online clicks…
  6. 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness…
  7. and 50 more Digital Ad Fraud stats that we compiled

The platform providers directly profit from all this waste. They get paid on the transaction, regardless of whether it’s real or provides value to the buyer.

These are the problems that we are going to solve.


1 – ”Digital Ad Industry Must Take Fraud Seriously”
2 – ”The Great Unwatched”
3  – ”77% of Display Ads are Never Seen: Sticky”
4 – ”Measuring the Fat Fingers Problem”
5 – ”8% of Internet Users Account for 85% of all Clicks”
6 – ”86% Of Consumers Suffer From Banner Blindness”
7 – 50 more stats we compiled: Digital Ad Fraud

No one trusts each other

Advertisers lose money due to fraud. Then everyone loses:


1. Fraud damages publishers, as Advertisers react to losses by:

        Reversing revenue on publishers, many of whom are innocent.

2. To compensate for these losses, Publishers react by:

Advertising aggressively and deceptively to consumers.

3. Networks react to advertiser reversals/chargebacks by:

Illegitimately banning publisher accounts and their seizing revenue.

4. User experience is diminished as this war plays out around us.


The answer is a transparent marketplace.

The Marketplace

Building the world’s first marketplace was simple, but not easy.

Our technology is lighter, faster and smarter.

It analyzes everything. It optimizes everything. It balances all loads. It scales to infinity.


Only pay for performance

By utilizing the performance model you only pay for valuable actions and leads.

The only way to buy and sell

The Internet is not a broadcast medium. It’s the greatest direct marketing medium in history.

There are two types of advertising: Broadcast and Performance. The only difference between the two is that Performance comes with proof of ROI.

Programmatic/automated is scalable and efficient, the other is not.

So, the only real solution is: Programmatic Performance™.

The future is transparent and relevant

Advertising platforms conceal most of the data created by an advertiser and publisher transaction.  

To promote renewed trust between advertisers and publishers, and to ensure that buyers and sellers can optimize their campaigns and placements to the greatest degree, we’ve made all data available.  

Every data point within one of your transactions is available to you.  You are now fully empowered to operate your business at it’s highest potential.

It’s the first time both advertiser and publisher will be able to see totally complete and accurate performance data that enables advertisers to see which ads are performing, and for publishers to make selling decisions based on revenues.

Not surprisingly, it's nearly 100%

Nearly 100% of advertisers would change platforms for more insights at the same expense¹.

74% of advertisers would pay more for an environment that gave them visibility, transparency and allowed them to see how their advertising spend is really performing².

They want to see which 50% of their spend is being wasted, so that they can re-direct it to campaigns that deliver real value.

High quality publishers prefer working within transparent environments as well, as their sites are effectively measured and rewarded appropriately this way. Publishers that utilize viewability tools, bot prevention, and fraud elimination services have seen their ad revenues double and even triple. It pays to be transparent – on both sides of the market.

We built an advertising operating system that is going to change the industry forever.


1 – Infectious Media
2 – GOOGLE, 74 percent of real-time bidding online display advertisers are willing to pay premiums for quality environments.

Let's get to know each other again

AdOS takes programmatic performance™ and adds total marketplace transparency. For the first time in history, with these three elements, we are able to create, nurture and expand trust directly between advertisers and publishers. And trust quickly scales marketplaces.

Think of it as a fully transparent ad exchange that uses computer algorithms and performance conversion metrics to ensure maximum value exchange for marketplace buyers and sellers.

It allows buyers and sellers to communicate, both directly via platform messaging and indirectly via programmatic ad and data exchanges.

It allows qualified advertisers to see deep data regarding the properties on which their ads will be published. This allows advertisers to maximize campaign results by choosing the best publishers, and publishers in turn secure maximum ad revenue for serving high performing ads.

Conversely, publishers are able to see what types of ads are deployed on their sites and make publishing decisions that protect and enhance their communities.

Marketplace Features

AdOS helps Buyers and Sellers maximize their returns

Clarifies everything

See what’s really happening

Eliminates ad fraud

No more fraudulent transactions

Eliminates ad waste

No more low/no-value impressions

Integrates everything

Integrate your tools and services

Automates everything

Automate your marketing efforts

Saves time and money

Same effort, less time and money

Advertisers (Buyers)

Don’t just show ads. Build tribes that last forever.

Stop paying for vanity stats.

Stop paying for impressions and clicks, that may (or most often do not) lead to results.

With a performance model, buyers will find out which 50% of their ad budget is wasted, then put it to work.

Buyers also leverage built-in algorithms to ensure the most intelligent campaigns possible.

Stop paying for fake conversions.

Stop paying for clicks and conversions that come from fraudulent sources, such as fraud rings and bot-nets.

With a performance model, buyers only pay for measurable and valuable engagement with their audience.

Find your following.

Old way: Companies broadcast an advertisement to a crowd. This is boring and ineffective.

New Way: Brand leaders present tribe members their solution. Gain attention with a thoughtful presentation.

Through this authentic approach, companies are able to increase affinity and evangelism, while reducing spend.

Find more members.

Put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

With deep targeting options and a performance conversion model, buyers are able to scale their campaigns easily.

Publishers (Sellers)

We’ll help you build a tribe that is dedicated to you.

Finally get the true and full value

Find out which 50% of your buyers are paying premiums, and sell them more.

Performance-based selling ensures you will receive the maximum revenue for engagement with your audience.

Relevancy is good for everyone

It’s the first time both advertiser and publisher will be able to see totally complete and accurate performance data that enables advertisers to see which ads are performing, and publishers to make selling decisions based on revenues

Transparency = Trust

Advertisers can see everything about their campaign and are therefore fully responsible for the decisions they make in those campaigns.

AdOS allows you to know, watch and even contact the advertisers.  This gives you control of your relationships, promoting trust, accountability and respect.

Optimize and Automate Automatically

Leverage built-in algorithms to ensure the most optimal placements possible, and then sit back while the system automatically manages it for you.

AdOS Features

The last place you’ll ever buy and sell advertising


Buy and sell ads optimally


Install, manage, launch apps

Open App Store

3rd party developer system

Connects You

Get to know your partners

Integrates everything

Consolidate advertising services

Automates everything

Automate marketing activities

App Developers

Build cool stuff inside AdOS

App Developer's Kit

AdOS provides an open API and developer’s kit to allow developers to build apps, empowering users to build a custom experience fit to their exact needs, rather than using standard limiting 3rd-party products.

Easy setup and management

Our open API App Store allows anyone to build custom apps to help AdOS users turbocharge their online ad campaigns.

Developers gain access to AdOS users. You can charge per download, or monthly subscription.

Documentation, forums and support

As a community we build the platform together, allowing for both broad and fast expansion of products and services for everyone to enjoy, and the ability for AdOSers to customize their experience to the most minute detail.

Service Providers

Gain access to AdOS users.

Connect your service quickly

AdOS’ open API and provider’s kit allows providers to add their services to the App Store, helping users build a custom experience fit to their exact needs.

Lots of options

Our App Store Manager allows anyone to easily monitor and support their products and/or services delivered on the platform. Providers can charge per download, or monthly subscription.

Documentation, forums and support

As a community we build the platform together, allowing for both broad and fast expansion of products and services for everyone to enjoy, and the ability for AdOS-ers to customize their experience to the most minute detail.


technology that scales to infinity

Custom Platform

elegant and intuitive

Auto-trade Optimizer

auto-optimizes trades

Trade Analyzer

ensures transaction health

Performance Analytics

finds platform weaknesses

Scaleable Servers

infinitely scaleable clusters

Load balancing

fast and reliable loading

The Future

It’s bright

Fully Transparent Marketplace

Transparency creates trust, which scales trade

Value-based Programmatic trading

Confidently automate winning campaigns

Performance-based conversion model

Buying and selling valuable engagement

Open industry innovation

Open source everything